Performance Guarantee contract  

A Performance Guarantee Contract guarantees the post retrofit performance of the system throughout the tenure (no. of years) of the contract.

Daikin will undertake to provide the full turn-key scope of the project retrofit implementations and the subsequent measurement and verification (M&V) of the system performance.




1. Pre- & Post-retrofit Audit Measurements
2. Full project turn-key implementation scope including the following: 
  • Front end design development works
  • Installation and commissioning of new, highly efficient chiller plant and air distribution system
  • Maintenance of retrofitted air-conditioning system
3. Guaranteed energy savings over the tenure of the contract
4. Monthly operations report incorporating the following:
  • Monthly system efficiency achieved, key equipment operating parameters etc.
  • Graphical plots of all key operating parameters
  • Analysis of air-conditioning system operations
5. Yearly computation/compilation of overall system performance and achievement of contractual obligations over the tenure of the contract



Energy Savings

  • Guaranteed energy savings to be reaped with implementation of our full solutions measures
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Costs Savings

  • Guaranteed costs savings over the tenure of the contract
  • No risk of shortfall in savings

Efficiency Improvement

  • Air-conditioning system operations and maintenance  undertaken by Daikin over the tenure of the contract


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