WMTC with HFO Refrigerant: R-1233zd(E)

  • WMTC with HFO Refrigerant: R-1233zd(E)


Daikin has perfectly combined the most advanced technology with water cooled chillers to provide excellent performance. Introducing the next generation Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Chiller with HFO Refrigerant, R-1233zd (E), which has an extremely low global warming potential (GWP). This refrigerant reflects our commitment to providing industrial-leading green products that protect our environment by keeping carbon dioxide emission at minimal level.


  • Superior Efficiency

           Oil free system that results in eliminating oil contamination in refrigerant and heat transfer surfaces to achieve outstanding efficiency.

  • Environmentally Friendly

           R-1233zd(E) is the next generation green HFO refrigerant with extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) value. According to ASHRAE Standard 34, it is classified as an “A1” refrigerant.

  • Outstanding Reliability

           a. Magnetic bearing drive system design does not require lubrication

           b. Installation of high accuracy sensors to detect shaft position on high frequency basis

          c. Run in generator mode in an unlikely event of a power outage

          d. Extra backup bearings

  • Magnetic Bearing Driveline
  • Lower Ownership Cost

           Minimise energy cost by leveraging on the two-stage compressor.

  • AHRI Certification

           Certified by Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (.AHRI) with AHRI Standard 550/590 (I-P) and AHRI Standard 551, 591 (SI)

System Design



Dimensions, Connection and Foundation Drawing Sizes
Model Dimensions (mm) Locating Size of Evaporator Connection (mm) Locating Size of Condenser Connection (mm)
WMTC*/F3914/C3314 5055 2533 2884 4432 2237 558 810 248 273 458 788 215 273
WMTC*/F4214/C3314 5055 2533 2884 4432 2237 558 810 295 273 458 788 215 273



  1. a: Condenser outlet; b: Condenser inlet; c: Evaporator inlet; d: Evaporator outlet; e: Relief value NPT1
  2. A, B, C dimension deviation +- 13mm
  3. Above dimension base on 2 pass water flow, Please contact your Daikin representative for other passes
  4. The dimension include 20mm insulation for the evaporator
  5. OD means the outside diameter of water connection pipe


Items Standard Options
Vessel Code GB ASME
Water Connection Victaulic Groove ANSI Flange
Water Box Compact Water Cover (1.0MPa) Marine Water Box
Insulation 20mm Insulation on Evaporator and Cold Surface 40mm Insulation on Evaporator
Flow Switch Thermal Flow Switch Pressure Differential/Paddle Type
Anti-vibration Rubber Cushion Spring Isolator
Warranty Extension None 1 to 10 Year
Test Factory Test 1-10 Point Witness Test/1-5 Point Certified Test
Harmonic Distortion Filter None Active Power Filter/Passive Filter



1. Insulation:

    a. Ambient temperature lower than 30'C :

        - Humidity lower than 70%. use single layer insulation (20mm); humidity higher than 70% (include). use double layer insulalion (40mm).

    b. Ambient temperaiure higher than 30'C (include) :

        - Humidity lower than 65%, use single layer insulation (20mm); humidity higher than 65% (include), use double layer insulation (40mm)

    c. Double layer of insulalon (40mm) must be used when chiller leaving water temperalure lower than 5'C ( include )

    d. 40mm lnsulation on evaporator shell and 20mm on water head cap


2. Factory Testing:

    To provide safe and reliable products to custumers, all Daikin applied chillers are factory tested before shipment. Operating and salety controls are checked for correct settings and operation. This testing helps reduce start-up issues and maintain critical construction schedules.


3. Active power filter is unit mounted. Passive filter is free standing. The standard harmonic distortion of WMT chiller is less than 35%. Harmonic  distortion filter is an optional solution to lower the total harmonic distortion imposed on power grid.


4. Options

    'Extended Warranty' is valid only when the field service is provided by Daikin sales affiliates. Any third-party organisation outside of Daikin is not recognised.

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