Daikin AHU-RH series is a special designed system (DX or chilled water) with an integrated VRV Heat Recovery Hot Water System. This series recovers waste heat from the condensing unit and raises the low off-coil air dew point to meet the process room air design condition. Through this process, high energy efficiency and cost savings are achieved.

AHU-RH series has built-in control system for hassle free installation and high-level interfacing with Building Management System (BMS).


  • Integrated Solutions
  • High System Efficiency
  • Cost Savings

    Equipment, Installation, Maintenance

  • Built-in UV-C Light System

    Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through eliminating bacteria and other allergens.

  • Quality for Green Mark Point
  • Improve Room Comfort Level with RH Control

Temperature and RH Control

System Design

Type 1 AHU-RH DW Series (Chilled Water + VRV HRHW)

Type 2 AHU-RH DD Series (VRV-DX + VRV HRHW)


  • Laboratories
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Cleanrooms


 AHU-RH DD Series (VRV-DX + VRV HRHW) Outdoor Air Unit Model


1) Cooling capacity based on ambient 33°CDB/27°CWB with 100% outdoor fresh air. Design dew point = 13°C

2) Net capacity includes deduction of indoor fan motor heat

3) Power input values are based on rated external static pressure

4) UV-light equipped as standard accessory

5) For AHU-RH…DW series, AHU design to be customized according to the given chilled water condition & room design requirement

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