Daikin proudly introduces its new intelligent Touch Manager, a VRV system controller featuring an array of simple, useful system management functions for added value. Its one touch selection to total air comfort enables all in one system solution for management of building air condition.

Key Features

  • Central Control

    Handy area settings simplify detailed management of VRV. Display of floor plans enables a quick search of desired air conditioning units. Operation history shows manner of control and origin in past operations of air conditioning units.

  • Remote Access

    Remote access with a PC allows total air conditioning management using the same type of screens as those displayed in the intelligent Touch Manager. Authorised users can centrally control individual air conditioning units from their own computers.

  • Automatic Control

    VRVs are controlled automatically throughout the year by the schedule function. Interlocking VRVs and other equipment enables easy automation of building facilities operation. Setback adjusts temperature settings even when rooms are unoccupied.

  • Energy Management

    The Energy Navigator feature simplifies energy management by tracking energy consumption data and identifying inefficient operation.

  • Trouble-Shooting

    Contact information of maintenance contractors can be registered and displayed. E-mails are sent automatically to alert of malfunctions and potential trouble. The intelligent Touch Manager can link to the Air Conditioning Network Service System for 24-hour monitoring of operating conditions and status.

  • Scalability

    A single intelligent Touch Manager can manage a small building or be expanded to handle medium- to large-sized buildings. Large building properties can also take advantage of the iTM integrator to link up and expand system up to 5 intelligent Touch Managers for integrated control.


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