• VRV IV Heat Recovery Hot Water system


The energy-efficient system recovers waste heat as energy to heat hot water.

Waste heat from air conditioning (which usually released into the ambience) is recovered to heat water.

The Serpentine Heat Exchanger Unit recovers heat.

Increased energy efficiency of the outdoor unit

The waste heat from air conditioning is transferred to heat water.
This mechanism reduces the amount of heat processed by the outdoor unit, resulting in better operation efficiency.

Reducing short circuits

The temperature of exhaust heat from the outdoor unit is lower, minimising in ambient temperature increase. In the event of a short circuit, capacity reduction is minimised.

Innovative and reliable system

Example on usage of VRV IV Heat Recovery Hot Water System for residence

In a sample family model of 3 adults and 3 children, the waste heat generated by air conditioning is sufficient to supply hot water for everybody’s showers.

Water-heating load Tank capacity: 200 L
Boiling temperature: 25°C to 60°C (tap water)

Amount of hot water per person per time (standard): 50 L/shower (39°C) (water dispensed: 10 L/min.; shower time: 5 min./shower)
Amount of water required in tank to dispense 39°C hot water

Comparison between VRV IV Heat Recovery Hot Water System and electric heater

Because waste heat is used to heat water, annual electricity consumption can be reduced approximately 94% compared with consumption for separate operation of air conditioning and an electric water heater.

VRV IV Heat Recovery Hot Water Controller


Convertible Remote Controller
Main Remote Control & Sub Remote Controller are both convertible and interchangeable.

By default, this would be activated every Monday morning at 2am, heating storage water up to 60°C for 10 minutes.

Vacation Mode
This disable all other functions, except for anti-bacterial mode.

Auto Restart
When power supply is restored after a failure, the system would revert to the last operational function.

Safety-Error Code
If thermistors or communication line are faulty, as a safety precaution, operation of the electric heater is disabled.

VRV IV Heat Recovery Hot Water System overview

Schematic Diagram For Residential Application

Schematic Diagram For Commercial Application


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Indoor Unit Lineup

Enhanced range of choices

A mixed of stylish and quiet VRV type indoor units and residential type indoor units can be combined into one system.

VRV indoor units

Residential indoor units with connection to BP units

Note: BP units (BPMKS967A2/3) are necessary for residential indoor units.
*Some model names might differ and some products might not be available depending on the country of sale.
For further information, please contact one of our sales companies.


Individual Control Systems for VRV Indoor Units

Navigation Remote Controller (Wired remote controller) (Option)

Simple operation

Energy Saving



Wireless remote controller (Option)

Simplified remote controller (Option)

Integrated Building Monitoring System

Advanced Control Systems for VRV Indoor Units

One touch selection enables flexible control of equipment in a building.

For Energy Saving & Comfort

intelligent Touch Manager maximises the advantages of VRV features

intelligent Touch Manager is an advanced multi-zone controller that provides the most cost-effective way to control and monitor the Daikin VRV system.
The 10.4" LCD touch screen is easy to use with three different screen views to include the floor plan layout view, icon view and list view and menus for system configurations.
It is also easy to use with standardized remote Web Access from your PC.
It can manage a total of 650 management points consisting of up to 512 Daikin indoor unit groups (up to 1024 indoor units) along with building equipment control / monitoring with Digital Inputs / Output (Di/Dio), Analog Inputs / Output (Ai/Ao) and Pulse input (Pi) optional devices.


Outdoor Units
High-COP Type

Standard Type

Space Saving Type

Serpentine Heat Exchanger Unit

Energy Efficient

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