• VRV Ceiling Mounted (Duct Connection Type)


VRV Ceiling Mounted (Duct Connection Type) is designed with the latest technology to cater to your air side needs.


  • Quieter and energy efficient with EC Fan
  • Biggest cooling capacity of 34.9kW
  • Compact and space saving where this equipment is hung from the ceiling
  • Flexible Air Supply where the air volume and static required can be adjusted according to your premise needs


  • Industrial Plant
  • Machinery Room
  • Factory Production
  • Office


Duct Connection High Static Pressure Type


*1. Indoor temp.:27o CDB,19o CWB / Outdoor temp.:35o CDB / Equivalent piping length:7.5m, level difference: 0m.

*2. Anechoic chamber conversion value, measured at a point downward from the unit centre, FCU with 2-meter supply duct and 1-meter return duct. These values are normally somewhat higher during actual operation as a result of ambient conditions.

*3 External static pressure (ESP) is changeable to change over the connectors inside electrical box, this pressure means “High static” operating ESP @380Pascal at air flow 101.0m3 /min power input 1.309kW, sound level 49dB(A). The External static pressure shown is factory setting the rated value exclude filter static loss.

*4 Field supply insulated condensate drainage outlet pipe with proper U-trap installation is required. Fan coil unit drainage is without drain pump system design.

*5 FXMQ335DSPMEC Capacity Index is 335. Total Capacity index of connectable indoor units must be 50%-110%of the capacity index of the outdoor unit. Connected with FXMQ335DSPMEC, outdoor units combination capacity index shall limit at 110%.

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