Green AIR solutions

In line with the Singapore government’s Green Building initiatives, Daikin provides a full range of environmental-friendly solutions for your commercial and industrial buildings. 

Our Green Air Solutions are in full compliance to ISO 14001 through:

  1. Coil Sanitization
  2. Air Filtration
  3. Air Sanitization
  4. Air Purification
  5. Ultra Violet (UV) Light Treatment

(1) Coil Sanitization

Ever feel that there is a strong foul smell coming from your Indoor Fan Coil Unit. Your have tried many solutions but none of them work. Do not worry anymore, Daikin has the perfect solution to completely get rid of this smell. Our Coil Sanitizing Solution completely disinfects and removes the smell from your cooling coil and sanitize the coil in the process. The simple process works perfectly with Steam Cleaning  (clean the coil and removes the smell).

Advantages of Coil Sanitizing:

  • Simple Process
  • Natural and Chemical-free Disinfectant
  • Removes all Smells
Coil Sanitizing


(2) Air Filtration

Daikin can provide full range of air filters for extensive and wide range of applications. Our filters for commercial applications range from high efficiency filters (HEPA) especially catered for Clean rooms to Carbon filters for smell removal.

Advantages of replacing new filters:

  • Enhancing the cleaniness of air inside office premises (healthier air)
  • Less tendency of coil getting choke
  • Improved in energy efficiency
  • High air cleaniness achieved with replacement of HEPA filter for Clean room applications
Air Filters



Pre-filters are used when additional requirements are needed that cannot be provided by normal Air Filters. They provide additional features that can come in useful to further enhance the air you breathe.

Advantages of using Pre-Filters:

  • Prevent and stop the growth of mould and bacteria
  • Effectively remove unpleasant smell
  • Prevention of dust and viruses
  • Improve air hygiene
  • Deactivating effect for Influenza “90%”
Pre-Filter Sheet                                                 Pre-FIlter Roll

(3) Air Sanitization

Ever renovated or moved in in your new office and there is a very strong smell of fresh paint and new furniture. Your have tried many solutions but none of them work
Do not worry anymore, Daikin has the perfect solution for your office to get rid of the foul smell*.

Our Air Sanitizing Solution completely disinfects and removes the smell from your room and sanitize the air in your office in the process.

Advantages of Air Sanitizing:

  • Natural disinfectant strong in smell removal
  • Clean and disinfect the air

*Source of smell must be removed first

Air Sanitizing

(4) Air Purification

Air Purification provides the perfect air cleaning solution for the air inside your office especially during the haze period. Staff Productivity remains high during the Haze period when the air remains clean in the office through Air Purification.

See more information about our Daikin Air Purifier at:

Air Purifier


(5) Ultra Violet (UV) Light Air Treatment

UV Light Air Treatment works when the Ultra Violet Light penetrates through micro-organisms cell walls and destroyed their DNA molecules, disallowed them to reproduce. The system is installed inside air ducting or at AHU coil to keep the air clean inside the office.

Advantages of UV Light Air Treatment:

  • Clean and sanitize the air by killing off bacteria, moulds and viruses
  • Reduce unpleasant, harmful odors associated with mould and bacteria growth
UV Light Air Treatment

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