08 Jun 2020 updated

Safe Management Measures

Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd aims to be a Safety and Health Organization while providing high standards of performance in our products as well as services. These measures apply to our company premises, activities of our company and controlled equipment.

In fulfillment to the applicable requirements stated in the Ministry of Health (MOH) & Ministry of Manpower (MOM),

  1. We will ensure the Safety & Health of all our Staffs, Contractors & Visitors during the Covid-19 outbreak
  2. We are committed to minimize, eliminate, control & reduce the Covid-19 outbreak, and contained it from spreading and per MOH & MOM guidelines.
  3. We will take timely and proper actions on any emerging development revolving Covid-19 outbreak and ensure of high level of business continuity in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

During this crucial period, our principal goal is to provide continuous high level of business integrity and continuity while upkeeping the Safety of Staffs, Contractors & Stakeholders during this outbreak. In order to do so, we have Safe Management Measure Officers (SMMO) appointments, where there is at least 2 SMMOs in our company.


 Safe Management Measure Officers (SMMOs)
These representatives are key contact personnel responsible for the dissemination of relevant information to the rest of company, compilation of records, and corresponding with relevant authorities. Some responsibilities of these SMMOs are tracking all interactions between individuals and groups who are in close contact for more than 30 minutes. These records will be maintained for at least 2 months to facilitate Contact Tracing requirements from the authorities. Furthermore, SMMOs will conduct inspections and checks to ensure compliance with control measures, which will be recorded in Inspection Reports.  


Summary of Our Safe Management Measures


Our Employees
All employees will scan and check in via the SafeEntry application upon entry of premise. They will also check out when they leave the premise. All employees wil undergo 2 temperature screenings daily and must wear a face mask at all times while performing duties on-site, apart from periods for meal consumption or drinking of water.

Temperature Screening at our Office Entrance
Outdoor Area (set up for individuals who do not meet the healthy temperature range on first temperature taking attempt)


In particular for our service team, we will ensure that they are cleared from flu-like symptoms, fever and cough, and they will have to record their temperature daily before going to a customer’s site and/or before going to our office.

Check out our Safe Resumption of Aircon Servicing after Circuit Break article to find out more!


All visitors will have to undergo temperature screening, and check in and out via SafeEntry. We will also ensure that safe distancing is practiced to minimise physical interactions.


Management of Common Areas
There is social distancing measures in place such as our lifts, pantry, outdoor rest areas and many more.

Social Distancing Measure in Our Lift


Social Distancing Measure in Our Pantry


Social Distancing Measure at Our Outdoor Rest Area


There will be consistent sanitation through cleaning and disinfecting of all common facilities and high touch areas daily. There will be constant updates on notice boards about the safe management measures, and the current MOH and MOM regulations to inform and remind our employees of the importance of these measures. 

Notice Board with Latest Information on Safe Management, MOH and MOM regulations


With everyone’s cooperation and effort for the fight against COVID-19, we are confident that we can get through this crisis together.  

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