Daikin were the first among to pioneer the use of inverters in air cooled screw chillers. And today, our next generation of inverter technology makes both comfort and process cooling even more efficient and cost-effective.

With the highest efficiency at both partial and full load, installers and building owners can give end- users better results all year round comfort – with lower noise levels and higher energy efficiency than ever before.

For over a decade, hundreds of sites around the world have relied on Daikin inverter driven single screw compressors to reduce their running costs without compromising on climate comfort or performance.

With the EWAD-TZB chiller, Daikin has once again improved the chiller performances by increasing the efficiency of the in-house developed compressor with integrated inverter: VVR technology, DC motors,... Further improvements are made by introducing new technologies as microchannel condenser coils and advanced electronic expansion values.


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TZB Range up to 700 kW
The full range includes units up to 1,100 kW

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