• Air-Cooled Single-Screw Chiller/Heat Pump


Air-cooled water chiller/heat pump units are the central air conditioning units with air as the cold (hot) source, and water as the heat transfer medium. The units need no additional equipment room, cooling tower, cooling pump, or cooling pipe and can be mounted on the building roof and outdoors. The heat pump units can provide heat as a hot water boiler. This series of units are applicable to various environments, such as hospitals, hotels, factories, and of ce buildings.

As the designer and manufacturer of large air-cooled heat pump units, DAIKIN has been committed to technical improvement and innovation and leads the development of the air-cooled heat pump technology. For the consideration of environment protection and energy saving, DAIKIN applies the advanced technology to the latest ultra-ef cient air-cooled heat pump units. By using the R134a refrigerant, this series of units have a full-load COP of over 3.2. This value is higher than the energy saving product certi cation standard, which makes them one of the most ef cient, energy-saving, and quiet air conditioning units. Moreover, DAIKIN has built a large 1600 kW full performance lab to ensure the quality and performance of the units.


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