• Air Cooled Packaged Air Conditioners


Quiet Operation

Equipped with scroll compressor for quiet operation

Smooth running, low vibration,
low operating sound.

Design flexibility

Designed for long refrigerant piping.

Easy operation

Digital remote control comes standard with indoor unit.

Temperature setting is possible by button operation. The set temperature is conveniently displayed on the LED.

Floor standing type (Standard accessory)

Duct type (optional accessory)


Heat exchange fins provided with anti-corrosion treatment

(Applies to all outdoor units)

To achieve increased durability by improved resistance to salt corrosion and atmospheric pollution, coated PE fins (with special acryl pretreatment) are used for the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit.

Space Savings

Installation space is saved thanks to a more compact outdoor unit. This also makes it easier to install.



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