Removable Drain Pan

The drain pan collects condensation formed on the indoor heat exchanger fins during cooling operation. All models up to 5.0 kW are equipped with a drain pan that can be removed easily without any disassembly. This design dramatically reduces cleaning time and ensures a perfect finish.
This feature is available for the 2.5 to 5.0 kW class indoor units.

Weekly Timer

The Weekly Timer allows up to four actions to be programmed for each day of the week. It is possible to schedule not only the on and off times but also to set temperatures. Once you set up the Weekly Timer, the air conditioner operates each day without controller input. The Weekly Timer synchronises the air conditioner with your family’s schedule, greatly improving comfort in your home.

Intelligent Eye

Intelligent Eye prevents energy wastage by using its infrared sensors to detect human movement in a room. If there is no movement for 20 minutes, it automatically adjusts the set temperature by approximately 2°C. Once Intelligent Eye is turned on, it operates automatically without any further setting.



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