Control of Both Humidity and Temperature

Even if the indoor temperature is the same, you usually feel cooler with lower humidity. This is because people release body heat by evaporating sweat on their skin. When the air is relatively dry, sweat evaporates quickly, releasing a large amount of heat.

However, when the air is humid, heat is not released and people feel hot and uncomfortable. With this in mind, Daikin has developed technologies that create a more comfortable balance between indoor temperature and humidity.

Sarara Dry Operation

Urusara 7 lets you adjust the dehumidifying volume from low to high to achieve consistent comfort. At night on rainy days, the humidity can leave you feeling hot even though the temperature is relatively low. However, using air conditioner with conventional dry mode leads to overcooling.

Urusara 7 maintains comfort levels by premixing the dehumidified air with room air to stabilise the temperature. This prevents overcoolong, even for people who are sensitive to cold such as children, older people and women.

Cleaning Filter Operation

You no longer have to clean the prefilter. After operation stops, this function automatically brushes dust off the prefilter and collects it in the installed dust box. Cleaning automatically starts after 18 hours or more of cumulative operation. The Cleaning lasts a maximum of 11 minutes and once the Mould-Proof/Cleaning Filter lamp starts blinking, you only need to discard the dust collected in the box. This helps to maintain filter performance and prevent energy loss.

How Is the Filter Cleaned?

  • The prefilter is automatically moved downwards.

  • The brush removes dust attached to the prefilter.

  • The removed dust is collected in the dust box.

Streamer Technology

Streamer discharge decomposes bacteria and mould adsorbed on the filter by irradiating them with an advanced plasma electric discharge. It provides highly effective oxidative decomposition. Streamer discharge is one of the methods of plasma electric discharge. With the same electrical power, the oxidative decomposition speed is over 1,000 times faster than ordinary plasma electric discharge (glow discharge). To achieve this performance, Daikin developed original technologies which successfully stabilise the flow of electrons.

Quiet Operation and Timers




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