New Heights in Energy Efficiency During Actual Operation

By uniting advanced software and hardware technologies for greater energy savings during actual operation and combining the technologies of VRV, VRT and VAV, Daikin attained both energy savings and comfortable air conditioning.

VRT Smart Control  Software Technology

Fully Automatic VRT and VAV control optimize energy saving

Daikin developed VRT smart control by combining air volume control (VAV: Variable Air Volume) for indoor units with conventional VRT control, which optimizes compressor speed by calculating the required load for the entire system and optimal target refrigerant temperature based on data sent from each indoor unit. Coordination with the air volume control reduces compressor load and minimizes operation loss based on detailed control. VRT smart control ensures energy savings and comfortable air conditioning to meet actual operating conditions.

New Scroll Compressor  Software Technology

Back pressure control mechanism increase efficiency during low-load operation

Back pressure control system

Automatic Refrigerant Charge Function

Optimized operation efficiency with higher quality and easier installation

The automatic refrigerant charge function automatically determines the optimal amount of refrigerant to be charged. The charging of the proper refrigerant amount and the closing of shut-off valves by simply pressing a switch after pre-charging.

Simple installation eliminates excessive and insuffi­cient refrigerant charge amounts due to calculation mistakes, and this has led to higher installation quality.

Automatic Refrigerant Charge Function

Energy Efficient

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