Operation & Maintenance of Chilled Water System [Non-WSQ]


This unit enable the learners to understand the basic operation and maintenance requirements of the chilled water system and the AHU & Chilled Water FCU. Basic failure analysis of the system will also be discuss during the training session.

  1. Chilled Water System
    • Basic chilled water system and its components
    • General operating data and maintenance consideration
    • Control system
    • Basic troubleshooting and failure analysis of chilled water system
  2. AHU & Chilled Water Fan Coil Units
    • Overview of operation
    • Maintenance of components
    • Maintenance schedule
  3. Cooling Tower
    • Overview of operation
    • Maintenance of components

Qualification Level:

Date Option 1
Theory : 28 June 2022
Assessment : NA

Date Option 2
Theory : 27 September 2022
Assessment : NA

Full Course fee:
$267.5 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

WDA Course Fee Funding:

Eligibility of course fee funding:

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