Data centre

We make sure your Data Centre is cooled reliably and efficiently 

Daikin knows all about conditioning the air for human comfort. We also know about conditioning the air so that your IT systems operate without a hitch. Our chiller and BMS solution merge the best of both worlds together to ensure your Data Centre operates continuously for your peace of mind.


Complete Solution for your Data Centre Building

1. Chilled Water Plant Room
  • Harness the power of magnetic levitation with Daikin magnetic chillers for hassle free maintenance (no overhaul required) and sustainable performance
2. Data Hall: Non-brazed Installation within
  • Be it chilled water piping or refrigerant piping that connects to the DX Floor Stand Aircon, Daikin’s MECHFIT and DGT non-brazed fittings ensure you can install your piping safely, quickly and efficiently
3. Data Hall: Floor Stand Aircon
  • Daikin DX Floor Stand Aircon offers you the long piping flexibility of VRV and with a rapid restart timing of only 3 minutes
4. Battery/UPS Room
  • Achieves a high level of efficiency with VRV X, the long piping solution to cooling your ancillary battery/UPS rooms
5. Data Centre Infra Management (BMS)
  • Daikin’s system integration is seamless down to the sub-component level

Find your Data Centre Needs

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