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[FULLY REDEEMED] Pearl Series Promotion 2023

*Terms & Conditions Apply. While Stocks Last.



Shop iSmileEco Series (Pearl Edition)

Introducing the iSmileEco Series Pearl Edition, the newest addition to the Daikin family of air conditioning systems! Exclusively available in Daikin Proshops, it has features similar to the iSmileEco series. Exclusively available at Daikin Proshops, this innovation brings in the features from the iSmileEco series while introducing a new realm of elegance and convenience.


About Pearl Series


What sets the iSmileEco Series Pearl Edition apart is its exquisite design, highlighted by the Pearl color panel option. This addition not only enhances the unit's functionality but also introduces an element of style that resonates with modern aesthetics. The Pearl color exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, allowing the air conditioning unit to become a statement piece within your living space.

Regardless of your preferred interior design style, the Daikin Pearl Series offers a range of options that complement your taste. If your décor leans towards contemporary minimalism, the clean lines and sleek profile of the Pearl Edition seamlessly integrate into the surroundings, creating an unobtrusive yet impactful presence. On the other hand, if your home boasts a more traditional ambiance, the Pearl Edition's fusion of advanced technology and classic design elements ensures a harmonious blend that enhances both comfort and visual appeal.

Upgrade your home with the iSmileEco Series Pearl Edition and experience the symphony of technological innovation and visual refinement. This is more than an air conditioning system; it's a statement of your commitment to comfort, elegance, and the pursuit of a lifestyle where cutting-edge technology and aesthetic splendor coexist.

Visit your nearest Daikin Proshop and embrace the future of comfort and style. The iSmileEco Series Pearl Edition awaits, ready to transform your space into a haven of luxury and serenity!



Terms & Conditions


  1. Promotion is applicable for purchase of all Daikin iSmileEco system 2 and above for residential homes only from 1st August 2023 to 31st December 2023 onwards, while stocks last. Promotion is only valid via Daikin Proshop and e-ProShop

  2. For purchase with Daikin Proshop, additional 3 months Proshop Warranty will be provided. If installation is using DSP materials, another 3 months extended warranty will be provided.

  3. Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other discounts or promotions.
  4. All deadlines are to be strictly adhered to and there will be no extensions.
  5. Daikin reserves the right to reject any claims due to inadequate submission of information.
  6. Daikin Singapore reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time.


Smart Control

Built-in with smarter, more convenient, more energy saving functions and controls to cool your home in style! 
Learn more about this feature here.


Control your air conditioner from everywhere via smartphone

Convenient with Remote Control

No worries about forgetting to on your air conditioner

No matter how busy,
everything is in control!

“Vacation mode”
is used to deactivate
all air conditioners.

Cool rooms are ready!


Voice Control

Take control and operate Daikin air conditioners with just your voice! The following command can be issued to your air conditioners.

Learn more on our voice control function here.

Features Description Voice Control
Google Assistant Amazon Alexa


Operation setting ON/OFF

Operation mode setting*1

*depending on model




Dry -
Fan only -
Temperature setting Temperature adjustment

Fan speed setting*1

*depending on model

Fan speed adjustment*2

Fan swing setting*1

*depending on model

3D Mode
(Up/Down & Left/Right together)
Status monitoring
Temperature reading Indoor temperature
Outdoor temperature - -


*1 Mode or feature that can be operated depending on the air-conditioner model
*2 Fan speed adjustment (Maximum 5 speed depends on the air-conditioner model)


*In order to fully utilise voice control, please be informed that firmware version of Daikin Mobile Controller Application must be 1.16.0 or higher for BRP072C42, and BRP072C42-1 must be 1.19.0 or higher for BRP084C42 and BRP084C44.





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