Demystifying your Daikin air-con modes - which one is the coolest and which is the most energy-saving?

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07 Dec 2020 updated | Topic Products

Back in the day, most air-cons were pretty simple. You turned them on and you turned them off. They usually also came with three basic options: low, medium, and high. As technology improved, however, modern air-cons have become more innovative, providing more features and air-con modes for convenience and energy efficiency.

If your Daikin air-con has got you wondering which mode you should use for a certain time of the year, for the most money and energy savings, for the coolest setting, or for the utmost comfort; this article has got you covered.

Daikin’s Cool Mode

Daikin’s Cool Mode is the air-con’s default mode in which it runs the hot air through the compressor to cool it before releasing it into your home. In terms of energy efficiency, it will really depend on your chosen temperature setting and how warm the room was to begin with. If the original temperature was 25 degrees, for example, it wouldn’t take up as much energy to bring the room down to 21 degrees than if the original room temperature was 30 degrees.

Ideally, you should use Daikin’s Cool Mode if the humidity and temperature levels are high. It would also be advisable to use this mode if you want to maintain a consistently cool temperature in your home.

Daikin’s Dry Mode

If you live in a place where you experience dry and uncomfortable days due to humidity, your main goal should be to get rid of the humidity altogether. This is where Daikin’s Dry Mode comes in.

Daikin’s Dry Mode basically sucks the humidity out of the air to create a more comfortable living space. It does this by taking in the humid air, drying it in the evaporator, and releasing it back into your home in the form of dry air. In other words, the air-con will not blow out a lot of cool air in this mode; it will merely dry the air and maintain a certain level of comfort as needed.

Daikin’s Dry Mode would be ideal for days when it isn’t too hot, but the humidity is becoming unbearable. This would be a great mode to use during the rainy season and during colder months, but not if your goal is to cool the air in your home.

Daikin’s Fan Mode

When Daikin’s Fan Mode is turned on, the fan will run continuously, but without the compressor. In other words, it will simply take the air that is already present in the room and circulate it better. It will not cool the room or dry the air in it.

Daikin’s Fan Mode would be best to use when you don’t need too much air circulation and simply want the air to move a little more. As such, this would not be the best mode to use if your home is feeling too hot or too humid.

Daikin’s Econo Mode

In Daikin’s Econo Mode, energy efficiency is priority. In this mode, your air-con will only run on 70% of its actual capacity. If you want to keep your electricity bills low, this would be the best mode to use. This mode also prevents excessive cooling.

A lot of people tend to blast their air-con into a cool temperature the minute they turn it on. However, this results in a waste of electricity. Econo Mode prevents this, ensuring that your air-con only runs on its most recommended temperature setting.

Daikin’s Timer Mode

A weekly timer enables you to pre-set your air-con to follow a customised schedule, by automatically adjusting to your desired temperature at six different times of the day. The best part? The user has control over the timer settings anytime, anywhere, via the Daikin Mobile Controller app.

Daikin’s Night Set Mode

The Night Set Mode prevents excessive cooling or heating for a pleasant sleep. After 60 minutes, the room temperature is raised by 0.5 degrees – perfect as that is the time when you would have fallen asleep and the body’s temperature would have dropped by 1 or 2 degrees. This mode is perfect for you if you do not want to get up in the middle of the night to adjust your air-con temperature.


Now that you know the different air-con modes that Daikin air-cons have to offer, you can be smarter about your air-con usage and use the modes that will work best for you at any given time.

Fortunately, all Daikin air-cons use energy-saving inverter technology, so you can be sure that your electricity bills stay low all year round. Click here to read about the energy-saving features you should look for when purchasing an air-con system.


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