Importance of proper Air Con Servicing

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05 Sep 2018 updated | Topic Maintenance

Having an air-conditioning system inside the house is no longer a luxury item for the typical Singaporean household. Air-con units in the house is a necessity in our hot climate.

The major investment for having our house air-conditioned is during the installation stage with the installation cost and the equipment purchased.

Once the air-conditioning system is installed and operational, it is also important to have the system regularly serviced to avoid issues with the system.

Regular Servicing of the air-conditioning system help in many ways:

  1. The air filters are kept cleaned and regular servicing assists to keep the air inside the house cleaned. Lack of servicing will allow dust to accumulate over the air filters and the filters will then get clogged. Some air filters can get clogged so badly that air can barely pass through.

  1. The evaporator coil is kept cleaned and cooling is effective with regular servicing. Lack of servicing will cause the evaporator coil to clog fast and additional cost to clean the clog on the coil will be incurred to restore back the cooling (eg through chemical wash, steam cleaning).

  1. Fan Blower on the indoor Fan Coil are kept cleaned and the blower will blow out cold clean air to cool down the rooms. With a lack of servicing, the air being blown out will get into contact with the dust accumulated on the blower and the air coming out of the air con unit  to cool down the room will not be clean.

  1. The condensate drain pipe is cleaned to prevent water accumulation inside the pipe. If there is a lack of servicing on the drain pipe, the inside of the pipe will get clogged and this can cause water leaking at the condensate pipe end. One possible reason for the clogging can be due to jelly formation because of water accumulation and stagnation inside the pipe

  1. The efficiency of the air-conditioning system is better with regular servicing. There is no obstruction to the movement of air with clean air filter, clean evaporator coil and clean fan rotor. Cooling down of the room is fast. With lack of servicing, the air movement is blocked. The compressor will have to work harder to achieve the desired cooling. This means that the air-conditioning system will consume less electricity as well as lasting longer when regular servicing is carried out.

It should be noted that while the above cleaning operations (eg cleaning air filters, cleaning evaporator coils, cleaning fan rotors and cleaning condensate drain pipe) look simple, it is highly advisable that regular air con servicing is carried out by a competent and trained technician. Some air-conditioning repair works require complete dismantling and disassembling of the indoor Fan Coil unit parts that only trained and competent air con technician can carry out. Special air-conditioning tools are also required for such works. Besides the above, the trained technician will also be able to advise on the system operating conditions with records on the operating pressure, running current and voltage, off coil and on coil air temperatures and air velocity from the Fan Coil unit. The trained technician is also competent to recommend preventive repair works and rectify on the issues before breakdown of the air con system.

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