Daikin’s R32 Refrigerant Can Lower Your Electricity Consumption

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25 Oct 2022 updated | Topic Products

If you’re looking to lower your electricity consumption, you might want to look into Daikin’s R32 refrigerant. Here’s why.



If you’re one of the many Singapore residents who want to help fight climate change and do their part to support a low carbon economy, one thing you can do is to switch to sustainable options whenever you can.

When it comes to your air-con, one sustainable way to make a difference is by checking which refrigerant your unit uses. After all, having a more energy-efficient air-con won’t just help reduce greenhouse gases; it can also help you save money on electricity.


What is a refrigerant?

If you are not too familiar with the inner workings of an air-con yet, a refrigerant basically absorbs the heat from the environment and cools it down before distributing the cooler air into your home. Sadly, a lot of refrigerants used in air-cons release pollutants when the unit isn’t working right, hasn’t been serviced properly, or wasn’t disposed of properly.

Fortunately, Daikin has a solution. Being the only company in the world that manufactures air-cons and refrigerants, we have invested a lot of effort into creating eco-friendlier alternatives to help those want to go green including R32 refrigerants.


What is a R32 refrigerant?

An R32 refrigerant is used in different HVAC equipment to efficiently convey heat. In fact, it has the ability to lower your electricity consumption up to 10 percent compared to air-cons that use R410A refrigerants.

An R32 refrigerant also has a global warming potential (GWP) of 675, two-thirds less than an R410A refrigerant. This makes it less burdensome on the environment and good on your pockets at the same time.


What are the benefits of a R32 refrigerant?

Aside from a lower GWP, an R32 refrigerant also has the ability to achieve a higher cooling capacity and your desired temperature faster so you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time. It doesn’t deplete the ozone layer, either. In fact, the National Electrification Administration (NEA) has recognised Daikin’s R32 refrigerants as climate-friendly.

If size is important to you and you are looking for a compact and lightweight outdoor unit, Daikin’s R32 refrigerant would be the perfect option for you. Since it comes with lesser refrigerant charge, it has a smaller design overall.

Having manufactured air-conditioning equipment for more than 50 years now, Daikin knows what people and the environment need. As such, we make it a point to continuously expand our products to help reduce greenhouse emissions without sacrificing on your comfort. Our R32 refrigerants provide lower conversion costs, lower power consumptions, better energy efficiency, and lower GWP – all without compromising on quality.


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