These are the energy-saving features to look for when buying an air-con

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08 Oct 2020 updated | Topic Energy Efficiency

With climate change at the top of everyone’s minds, it is no longer enough to just buy an air-con that can cool your home. An important factor to take into consideration is its energy-saving features. After all, you want to make sure you keep your electricity bill as low as possible, right? But how do you know what energy-saving features to look out for? Here are some tips.

Energy-saving feature #1: Inverter Technology

Our Inverter System powers up to reach the desired temperature quickly. When approaching the desired temperature, the system maintains at a constant temperature without wasting energy, offering significant energy savings.

In comparison, a non-inverter system continually starts and stops to maintain at the preset temperature. The repeated start-and-stop operation requires excess energy to restart the motor, resulting in energy wastage.


Energy-saving feature #2: A Timer

A timer is one of the best energy-saving features for turning your air-con on and off as needed. Daikin’s air-cons come with timers which can be set to turn on right before you arrive home from work and turn off in the middle of the night while you sleep in order to save energy. Not only that, you can also set different temperatures at specific timings for your comfort. 


Energy-saving feature #4: SMART app for air-con control

With the Daikin D’mobile app to control your iSmile Series air-con, you can turn your air-con on and off from wherever you might be with a few taps on your smartphone. With this app, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your air-con as you can check its status from your phone even after leaving your home.


Energy-saving feature #5: Energy consumption analysis 

Daikin offers another energy saving feature called the Home Energy Management System. With the Home Energy Meter Smart Device, you can monitor and analyse your air-con’s energy consumption through the D’SmartHome app. This way, you can keep track of your electricity consumption and manage your expectations for your electricity bill before you even receive it. Contact our Sales Team for more information.


Last tip: Reliable and professional air-con maintenance

This isn’t an energy-saving feature of the air-con itself but you should know that regular maintenance and cleaning can help save energy too. Dirty filters and condenser fins actually make air-cons work harder and thus result in a higher electricity bill. Buy filters.


If you’re looking for an energy saving air con, make sure to check out Daikin’s different products. Not only does Daikin provide great value for money, but they can help save energy and, in turn, save you money on your electricity bill!


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