Which air-con should you install in your new BTO?

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21 Oct 2020 updated | Topic Products

If you just got the keys to your new Build-To-Order flat, one of the biggest purchases on the list would be an air-con. Air-con is not a luxury in Singapore, but a necessity if you want to ensure comfortable living and a good night’s sleep. Given that your chosen air-con system would be for keeps, deciding which air-con is best for your new flat must be taken seriously. Buying an air-con for a BTO flat is different compared to buying one for other types of housing, such as private housing. Here are some of the things you should consider.

Are you getting the right air-con compressor?

The very first concern about installing air-con in a HDB flat is of course, size. The indoor unit must be compact and sleek to conform to space constraints within the flat’s interior, and the outdoor unit must be small enough to fit through a narrow window or limited space for easy installation. Generally, there would only be enough room for only one compressor in HDB flats, so it would be wise to install a multi-split system to avoid overworking it.

Which areas require air-conditioning?

It is important to decide where to install your air-con – do you want your home to be fully air-conditioned, or just the bedrooms? How many bedrooms do you want air-con installed?

You would definitely want a quiet, multi-split air-con system such as the iSmile Series which helps you save energy and money with its energy-efficient inverter technology.

Which multi-split system to go for would depend on how many rooms you want to air-condition. In general, a three-split system’s three units would suffice for a three-room flat: One for the living room and one each for the two bedrooms. A system 4 is good for a four-room flat, and so on.

What is your budget?

Naturally, the question of how much to fork out will loom large on the minds of BTO home owners. As important as an air-con is for your comfort, you still need to make sure that you don’t go over your budget. With a limited budget, you might need to prioritise air-con installation in certain rooms, such as the master bedroom and the nursery.

It’s okay! Keep in mind that you can always add on extra air-con outlets to your multi-split system later on.

Which features should you look for?

On top of energy efficiency and a sleek design, other features you might want to look for are a SMART system and good after-sales service. Some people think SMART systems are unnecessary because of the added costs associated with them, but these systems can actually help you save on both energy and money in the long run. This would be especially helpful for you if you want to remotely control your air-con and monitor your air-con usage to keep tabs on your electricity bills.

The Daikin iSmile series is upgradable to D’SmartHome, which is a SMART home system where you can control your air-con from wherever you might be. This means that you can conveniently turn on your air-con from a mobile app when you are on the way home and set a daily timer for it to turn off while you’re sleeping at night. You can also check if the air-con is on or off at any given time, and monitor your air-con usage as needed.

Ideally, you should also find an air-con that comes with good service for repairs and maintenance. With renovations, movers and contractors coming and going while you get settled in, the last thing that you want to do is added stress about getting a reliable third party to repair or maintain your air-con.

Whatever the size of your new BTO flat, you’ll be sure to find a Daikin multi-split air-con system which will suit your needs and budget.

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