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01 Jul 2023 updated | Topic Proshop

To make it easier for you to enjoy a quality lifestyle, Daikin aims to “Perfect The Air For a Healthier, Greener & Smarter Tomorrow”. Through the perfection of air, Daikin strives to enhance Indoor Environmental Quality, go ECO for the benefit of future generations, and tap into smart IoT solutions for seamless connectivity. To do this, we have built a partnership that begins with always putting you first. Not only do we constantly research and develop innovative cooling solutions, but we also have the Daikin Proshop that entitles you to several perks:

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Complete Air Solution

At Daikin Proshop, we put your priorities, concerns, comfort, and convenience first. As such, we provide comprehensive indoor air solutions for all of your needs under a single roof so that you won’t have to look for them in different places.

At the same time, we understand that we should consider the broader impact on the environment and promote sustainability. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that our products and practices align with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The iSmileEco series, for starters, offers an energy-saving solution that allows you to beat the heat while still caring for the environment. This is because the iSmileEco series uses R32 refrigerant, an environmentally-friendly advancement over older refrigerants. With its lower global warming potential (GWP), it has a reduced impact on climate change.

Moreover, the iSmileEco series has a 5-ticks rating, indicating the highest energy efficiency. As such, you enjoy significant savings on energy consumption and electricity costs without compromising your need for a comfortable indoor environment amidst the heat.

It also comes with a voice control function and smart mobile control to provide more convenience in your daily life. Meanwhile, the EZi series is another R32 aircon that delivers 30% energy savings.

By visiting the Daikin Proshop, you can experience the airflow, voice control, and smart control yourself and truly experience what our full range of R32 air conditioners has to offer.

When it comes to enhancing your indoor air quality, our IEQ zone features solutions to protect you and your loved ones from harmful indoor air. Our range of Daikin Streamer Air Purifiers uses our patented Streamer Technology, which works by effectively decomposing more than 99.8% of coronavirus and coxsackievirus (hand, foot, and mouth diseases), as well as harmful substances such as dust, allergens, and pollen.

The electrostatic HEPA filter equipped in our air purifiers lasts for 10 years before needing any replacement, resulting in less waste and a reduced impact on the environment. Meanwhile, the innovative Bio-Antibody Filter is a great complementary accessory to your Daikin air conditioner as it effectively suppresses viruses and flu within just one minute.

Besides products that can help reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill, Daikin Proshop also carries smart products that will make your life much more comfortable and convenient.

You may experience the convenience of our Daikin Reiri Smart Home solution at our IOT zone as well where you can integrate your choice of appliances in a single place and effortlessly control a wide range of smart home devices on a single app. Protecting the earth is a top priority at Daikin Proshop and this is evident in the eco-friendly products and services offered at our ECO zone.



Certified Service Team


If you want your aircon to last a long time, installation is very important. The same goes for its overall quality. Because of this, it would be important to only hire experienced technicians to get the job done. At Daikin, we ensure that installation and servicing is a hassle-free process. Our skilled experts ensure that all air conditioners are handled correctly and safely because they have completed NEA training programs and are certified R32 installers.

This means that you can purchase with confidence from Daikin Proshop and also obtain the best air conditioning performance. By buying at Daikin Proshop, you can have peace of mind while getting the best mileage for your aircon at the same time. As part of our pledge to embark on a sustainable journey, our Proshop Dealers have also pledged to the refrigerant eco-cycle initiative.

What’s more, our friendly staff can help you decide which air conditioner, air purifier or smart product suits your needs and fits your space more.

High-Quality DSP Installation Material

On that note, it is important to use good materials when installing air cons and improving indoor air quality as well. Daikin’s installation materials undergo a stringent check to ensure they are of excellent quality. This prevents serious issues, such as condensation, refrigerant leak or bacteria growth, from arising.

At Daikin Proshop, we offer a complete range of top-notch quality installation materials to support our dealers and contractors, ensuring the air around you and your air con is top-notch. This can be identified by the ‘DSP’ print on the copper pipes, trunking, PVC drainage pipe, insulation, etc. Find out more about DSP Installation Material here.

Exclusive Extended Warranty

On top of the general 1-year warranty that we provide with our products, purchasing from Daikin Proshop will entitle you to an extended warranty of up to six months with your air conditioning purchases – completely free of charge. Terms and conditions apply. 


Daikin IAQ_ES Regime




Exclusive Products and Promotions

Additionally, the exclusive offers do not stop there. At the Daikin Proshop, you will also be entitled to exclusive products and promotions. This will give you first dibs on great deals, as well as special access to products that aren’t available to the general public such as the new Daikin iSmiileEco Series Pearl Edition.

The Pearl Series allows you to experience superior performance, exceptional ECO features, and incredible style with its pearl white finish and slim and compact design. This air conditioning unit is sure to complement any home or office décor. Check out exclusive deals here.

At Daikin Proshop, we care and understand your needs for a complete air solution so we have also made sure that you can reach us with ease. We have several Proshops spread out across Singapore, all of which are easily accessible via public transportation to ensure the utmost convenience for all of our customers. If you prefer to shop online, you may also visit our online e-Proshop. Find out more about the Daikin Proshop here.


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