Indoor Air Quality Awareness: The Effects of High CO2 Levels During Meetings

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19 May 2023 updated | Topic Indoor Air Quality


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You find yourself leading a crucial meeting with five colleagues in an office setting. At the start of the meeting, the group is enthusiastic and engaged, sharing bright feedback and ideas.

As the meeting progresses past the one-hour mark, the energy level drops, and only the meeting leader is encouraging contributions from the rest of the group. By the two-hour mark, it's clear that the meeting is a waste of time, and the entire group is feeling lethargic and drained.

Once the meeting is over, everyone exits the room and experiences a sudden revitalization of energy within minutes. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Daikin IAQ_ES Regime

It's apparent that the group was suffering from the effects of high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels within the meeting room. High levels of CO2 can lead to a decrease in oxygen intake, causing sleepiness, fatigue, and a lack of focus. At extreme levels, CO2 can cause headaches and dizziness. Even fresh air ventilation may not be sufficient to reduce the CO2 concentration within the room.



To improve indoor air quality, additional measures such as air purification systems and increased ventilation to ensure that CO2 levels remain at safe levels. With improved air quality, the group can conduct more productive and effective meetings, leading to better project outcomes and team success.



Daikin Reiri Smart Solutions has an automated fresh air ventilation system that can help manage indoor spaces' CO2 concentration levels. The Reiri Smart Solutions includes an IAQ sensor, a control hub, and a display dashboard (optional). The Reiri IAQ sensor will monitor the CO2 level and the control hub will regulate the CO2 level in the room through adjustment in Fresh Air Ventilation.

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With proper monitoring and control solutions such as installing Reiri smart solutions from Daikin, occupants of a room can easily determine the CO2 levels and assess the indoor air quality (IAQ). The Reiri smart solutions are designed with a color indicator that provides a visual representation of the CO2 concentration in the room. This enables occupants to be aware of the air quality status, recognizing whether it is within a good range or if it has escalated to high levels of CO2, indicating poor IAQ. In such cases, occupants will be alerted to the need for introducing more fresh air into the room to effectively dilute the CO2 levels and improve the overall air quality.

To understand the Reiri IAQ Sensor's color indicator reading, see the image below.

Daikin IAQ_ES Regime

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