Is your room beginning to smell? It could be your air-con

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25 Feb 2021 updated | Topic Maintenance

If you are smelling something strange in your home and are unsure of where it might be coming from, it could actually be coming from your air-con. Try turning off your air-con if you think that’s where the smell is coming from; and if the smell goes away, then you’ve found the culprit.


Air-cons may omit a stale, dank, and foul smell for several reasons:

Refrigerant Leaks

If the smell coming from your air-con is similar to exhaust fumes, then there might be a leak in your refrigerant line. The refrigerant in an air-con is basically what makes the air emitted by your air-con cold. A refrigerant leak is dangerous because it not only affects your air-con's overall performance, but could also release chemicals into the air and into your home.

If there is a smell similar to exhaust fumes coming from your air-con, you need to call a professional right away to get it fixed. While waiting, open your windows to ventilate your home.

Electrical Malfunction

If the smell coming from your air-con smells like something is burning, then something might in fact be burning. If you haven't used your air-con in a long time, then dust might have settled in it, causing a burning smell once the air-con is turned on. If the smell is only temporary and goes away quickly, there is nothing to worry about.

However, if you use your air-con on a regular basis and you still smell something burning coming from it, then this might be an electrical malfunction. There are several electrical components in your air-con that could malfunction, such as the power wires, compressor, fan, or circuit board. If there is a persistent burning smell that doesn’t go away after a short while, turn your air-con off right away and get in touch with a professional to help you out.

Dead Insects

If you smell something rotten in your air-con, it could be a dead insect. This smell is pretty distinct and you won't be able to mistake this for anything else. Insects can easily take refuge in air-con ducts and get trapped in the process. It is best to pest-proof your unit to avoid this; but if you didn't and it has happened, you can open the cover and remove the dead insect, or ask a professional to help you out.


The most common foul smell that people tend to get from their air-con units is a stale and dank smell. This can happen when an air-con gets mouldy after water has accumulated in its drain pan, drip lines, or ducts. When mildew or fungus grow on them, you may notice water dripping from your air-con.

Moisture may also accumulate in the filters and create the same smell if you leave your air-con on for a long time. Call a professional to get your air-con's lines and ducts thoroughly cleaned as needed.

Even better, get an anti-mould and bacteria pre-filter for the air-con system in your home to ensure that you do not experience foul smells from mould again.

Daikin's Anti-Mould & Bacterial Pre-Filter will stop the growth of mould and bacteria in your air-con units while making the air in your home healthier at the same time. Thanks to its unique ability to reduce allergens, it can help maintain clean air all throughout the area and suppress mould stains and odor in the unit. It is washable and reusable, too, so you won’t have to worry about changing a new one every once in a while. Installation is easy, too. Just check out the full instructions here.

The use of this pre-filter isn't just limited to air-cons, either. You can also use them to keep open ventilation areas clean by trapping in unwanted dust and dirt. You can also cover your favourite books with them to prevent their pages from getting mouldy.

Stock up on these pre-filters at E-Proshop today and say goodbye to unwanted smells in your home.

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