Worried about sending your electricity bill through the roof? Let Daikin Smart Home Solutions help you

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18 Aug 2020 updated | Topic SmartHome

With the unpredictable weather in Singapore, you will probably leave the air-con switched on for longer periods to relieve yourself of the heat and discomfort. However, creating an air-conditioned paradise could take a toll on your electricity bill.


If you’re worried about air-con power consumption and sending your electricity bill through the roof but still want to live in comfort, here are some Daikin Smart Home Solutions that can help you.



Tip #1: Set your air-conditioning unit to turn off while you sleep.


This tip is pretty obvious, but what makes Daikin different is that you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off your air-con. You don’t even have to manually set your air-con’s timer everyday so that it turns off at night.


Thanks to Daikin’s smart home app, you can simply set the timer in advance so that it turns off at a certain time. Just set the timer and select to have it in place every night, so that you don’t have to keep activating it. This will help you sleep comfortably and soundly. Conversely, you can set your air-con to a higher temperature at night since your body cools down while you sleep anyway.


Tip #2: Set a timer to turn on your air-con before you get home


If you like coming home to a cool house after work or errands but don’t want to leave your air-con switched on while you’re out, Daikin Smart Home Solutions can help once again. Through its smart home app, you can remotely control your air-con, and turn it on when you’re on the way home, so that you can come home to a cool and comfortable atmosphere. This will help with your air-con power consumption since you won’t be leaving your unit turned on the entire time you’re away.


You can also monitor your air-con, in general, from practically anywhere. Do you think you might have forgotten to turn off your air-con? That would definitely be bad for your electricity bill! Just check your smart home app to see if your air-con is turned on for peace of mind; and if it is, you can turn it off from the same app.



Tip #3: Always keep your air-conditioning unit clean


Did you know that regular maintenance and cleaning of your air-conditioning unit can also help with your air-con power consumption? Dirty air-con filters will make your unit work harder, thus resulting in a higher electricity bill. So make sure you get your air-conditioning unit cleaned on a regular basis to keep your expenses low.


As you can see, Daikin Smart Home Solutions can provide the comfort and convenience you need to ensure that you keep your electricity bills low all year round. They also provide a wide range of options for you to choose from, depending on your lifestyle and needs. Check them out today!

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