Can an air purifier help with allergies?

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23 Nov 2020 updated | Topic Products

The air quality in Singapore usually isn’t great around June to September. During the southwest monsoon season, the winds carry air pollutants produced as a result of farmers using slash-and-burn tactics to clear large tracts of forested land in Indonesia for cultivation. The worst ever haze outbreak happened in 2013, when a record PSI reading of 401 was recorded. In September 2019, air pollution reached unhealthy levels of above PSI 100.

During haze season, Singaporeans usually choose to remain indoors. But is the air necessarily safer indoors?

If you are prone to allergies, you might want to note that indoor pollution can just be as harmful as outdoor air pollution. The cooking stove, flowering plants, harmful chemicals in cleaning products, cigarette smoke, mould and house pets can be insidious sources of indoor air pollution. Cooking fumes, pollen, animal fur and mould spores are microscopic particles that can get into your lungs and negatively affect your health, triggering allergies and respiratory issues.

Being aware of these issues is the first step to providing a cleaner and healthier home. Regularly ventilating your home, using natural cleaning products, and turning on the kitchen exhaust when cooking can help in reducing indoor air pollution. However, taking such precautions are limited means of reducing air pollution and do not eliminate it, especially during haze season, when natural ventilation may not be an option. This is when you will need an air purifier. Here are some reasons to choose Daikin.


Daikin air purifiers can clean and deodorise indoor air

Decomposition using
Streamer Technology

*Only applicable for MC40 , MC55 and MCK55

Thanks to streamer and filtration technologies, Daikin’s Patented Streamer Technology can get rid of airborne allergens like mites, pollen, and mould, along with bacteria and viruses. Streamer technology is a unique air purifying technology by which high speed electrons are discharged with powerful oxidisation. Daikin also equips air purifiers with a deodorising filter that can absorb odours and eliminate them for a fresher-smelling indoor environment.

Daikin air purifiers have value-added functions

Daikin offers value-added functions, such as an indicator sensor to detect dust, odour and the presence of PM2.5 in the room. PM2.5 refers to particles that are less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter suspended in the air. The MC30VVM-H can give you a PM2.5 reading and is equipped with a dust sensor, while the MC55UVM6 and MCK55TVM6 come with an active plasma ion generation unit that doesn’t require any exchange or maintenance. All of Daikin’s air purifiers are also incredibly easy to understand and operate.

Daikin air purifiers can catch and get rid of dust


If you suffer from allergies, an air purifier will definitely be a huge help. Daikin’s air purifiers have an electrostatic HEPA filter that can catch and get rid of 99.97% of fine dust particles. They also come with a pre-filter that can catch bigger dust particles. Compared to an unelectrified HEPA filter, Daikin’s filters can efficiently catch dust using electrostatic force, ensuring that they don’t clog. This allows for more air to pass through, so that they can purify more air overall.

Daikin air purifiers can purify the air faster

Aside from purifying more air, Daikin’s air purifiers also have a unique air intake design that uses 3Directional Airflow. This allows for more air to be cleaned and purified more efficiently. Daikin’s air purifiers are also built with a double-layer humidifying filter, so you won’t have to worry about changing it for ten whole seasons, either.

Studies have found that a HEPA filter in an air purifier can improve allergy symptoms by reducing the amount of house dust mites and particulate matter in indoor air. In fact, people who use air purifiers have been found to have successfully and significantly decreased their allergy symptoms.


Find the Daikin Air Purifier that best suits your budget, living situation, and space.

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