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12 Mar 2021 updated | Topic Products

If there was one thing The Jetsons got right about the 21st century, it’s SMART homes. While flying cars are not yet a reality, homeowners are already enjoying the convenience that comes with being able to control their lights, appliances, and other gadgets remotely through their smartphone and Internet connection.

Daikin Singapore aims to provide solutions for every family’s SMART home needs, improving the quality of home life and bringing its occupants up to speed with the conveniences afforded by the latest technology. With so many possibilities available in today’s market, it is now possible to control all of your SMART devices under one roof with a single command through the D’SmartHome App – just like what the creators of the popular 1960s animated American sitcom envisioned for the Jetsons family.

The D’SmartHome App allows homeowners to control different devices and appliances on a single interface to enhance their comfort, home security, and lifestyle through the Daikin Smart Hub. This customisable solution is compatible with most devices and allows homeowners to control their air-con, air purifier, curtains, lightings, and more from their smartphones. D’SmartHome is highly expandable, scalable and compatible with most solutions available in the market. It also comes with useful insights on a home’s energy consumption, so homeowners can analyse it on a regular basis and avoid high electricity bills.

Want to start transitioning to a SMART home? Looking for more products to make your home life more convenient, comfortable, and safe while saving on energy at the same time? Here are some must-have SMART products from the Daikin E-Proshop to help you complete your dream SMART home.


PM 2.5 Sensor

As important as it is to stay safe whilst out and about during the current pandemic, taking care of indoor air is just as important. Fine particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometres, also known as PM 2.5, pose great health risks as they are inhalable and can enter people’s lungs and bloodstream. Prolonged exposure to these particles can cause permanent respiratory issues like asthma, heart disease, and chronic bronchitis.

Although everybody is affected by PM 2.5, it is particularly important to look into taking precautions at home if one has heart problems or breathing problems, or if there are children or elderly people.

Daikin’s PM 2.5 Sensor detects the level of pollutants in a home and will notify homeowners if it reaches unhealthy levels. It also measures indoor temperature and humidity. Use this with a Daikin Air Purifier for an effective indoor air quality solution that will improve the quality of the air that your family breathes in every day.


Flood Sensor

It’s not uncommon to read reports of flash floods occurring in low-lying areas, especially during days of unusually heavy rainfall. Homeowners and business owners who simply want added protection from floods, heavy rains, or even plumbing leaks will find this Flood Sensor to be a great investment for peace of mind.

This battery-powered sensor will send a notification and sound off a loud alarm when it detects flood on the surface. It also comes with a leak sensor, a temperature sensor, telescopic stands, and a visual indicator light display to ensure the protection of wooden furniture and other valuable items from a potential wet nightmare.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors have been mandatory in all new residential homes constructed in Singapore since June 2018. These devices are vital in any home because they can easily sense smoke and warn people before things potentially get out of hand. For homeowners who need a new smoke detector or simply want to upgrade theirs, this Smoke Detector can measure temperatures ranging from -20 Celsius to 100 Celsius.

Integrated with a single lithium battery that lasts at least 10 years, this Smoke Detector uses photoelectric sensors and a built-in Z-Wave range tester that can be integrated into any Z-Wave wireless network or regular wired monitoring and alarm system. It also has special functions, like the absence of a blinking light, so you can avoid distractions while trying to sleep.

Door/Window Sensor

This Door/Window Sensor can keep all of the doors, windows, and entryways in a home safe. This sensor can detect whenever doors, windows, gates, and blinds open through the detachment of its two elements. Whenever they detach, the sensor will automatically send a signal to the network gateway to trigger alarm and monitoring systems.

This battery-operated sensor features a contact sensor, a temperature sensor, and tamper protection to ensure that your home is always safe from unwanted entries even when you aren’t at home. The notification can also help save energy by reminding homeowners to close any open windows and doors when the air-con is switched on.

Digital Smart Lock

Metal keys are getting outdated. In fact, Market Research Future has shared that 33% of people in the Asia Pacific are anticipated to adopt digital door lock systems from 2019 to 2023 due to a growing focus on security and digital solutions.

Digital door locks are great alternatives to keys because of their extra automation features. For starters, you can arm or disarm your door via the D’SmartHome App, no matter where you might be. A digital lock is also perfect for people who sometimes come home carrying groceries, other heavy bags, or even little children as it eliminates the hassle of frantically searching for keys when in a hurry or burdened by extra weight.

This digital SMART lock also comes with one-touch fingerprint verification, a PIN code option, a voice guide feature, a smart touchpad, a break-in alarm, a damage alarm, a low battery alarm, an emergency alarm, and automatic locking to keep homes safe from potential break-ins and burglaries at all times.

There is also a Digital Smart Lock Without Handle available at the Daikin E-Proshop which offers all of the same features but without a handle for a sleeker and simpler look.

Smart Siren

If you want to make sure that your home and family are safe from intrusions, Smart Siren is a smart investment. This siren will emit a loud, clear, and high-pitched sound and flashing LED strobe lights whenever it detects an intrusion, and will also send a notification to the SMART system, allowing homeowners to act with urgency.

Fixed Angle IP Camera

This Fixed Angle IP Camera is a digitised network version of closed circuit television that can be integrated into any SMART system for home surveillance. It can also be used to monitor babies, elderly people, and pets. It has a 720p HD sensor and a 120-degree wide-angle lens, as well as night vision so homeowners can monitor their homes even at night. It also detects both sound and motion for the utmost security.

If you are looking for impressive solutions to help with your everyday tasks at home, all of the devices mentioned above can be integrated to the Daikin D’SmartHome Gateway and controlled using D’SmartHome App.


Daikin D’SmartHome Gateway is a powerful and versatile hub that offers SMART Integration to any IoT devices with a single control platform. It has a unique System Architecture and Algorithm, which monitors and controls, designed to meet the objective of smart living. Paired with the D’SmartHome App, homeowners can experience comfort and convenience at their fingertips anytime and anywhere!

Check out our wide range of smart devices at E-Proshop now and upgrade your home with Daikin’s D’SmartHome Solution now!

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