Got an air purifier? Here’s where you should place it.

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10 Feb 2021 updated | Topic Products

In hopes of keeping germs, allergens and air pollution at the door, more and more of us are investing in air purifiers these days. Air purifiers can provide cleaner air and better air quality by getting rid of allergens, dust, pet dander, bacteria and viruses in the air that might interfere with your family's overall health. Daikin’s CleAir Streamer Air Purifiers are especially beneficial because they are equipped with an Electrostatic HEPA filter that can effectively catch 99.97% of even extremely small pollutants. With the Streamer Technology, hazardous chemical substances can be decomposed, ensuring that only clean, toxin-free air leaves the purifier.

However, did you know that the placement of your air purifier can play a big part in its efficiency, as well? Correct placement of an air purifier can actually increase its efficiency by up to 20%. On the flip side, if you hide your air purifier in a corner or behind an object, you could lose more than 50% of its purifying capacity.

If you don't know which room to place your air purifier in to begin with, two things that you should consider are, where the biggest concentration of dust, smoke, or mould is; and where your air purifier can get a good flow of indoor air. Generally speaking, corners of a room are never good places for an air purifier. Conversely, placing it in places with high air exchange, like a hallway, can amplify its benefits and help it do its job better.

To make your life easier, you might want to look into Daikin’s Air Purifiers. The MCK55 model, for example, comes with roll-away casters so you can move it around with ease. This allows you to change its location as needed. It will also make it easier for you to clean the floor underneath it whenever you need to.


Here are other things to consider when choosing where to place your air purifier:

Which area contains the most pollutants?

If there are any obvious areas prone to mould, odour, or dust; place your air purifier there. Fortunately, it is easy to determine this. If you have pets, it is probably near their favourite resting spots. If your home is pet-free, look around to see which areas are most dusty and place your air purifier there for the best results.

You can also place your air purifier in places where the air sometimes smells foul. If you tend to get allergic reactions in certain areas of your home or office, there might be more dust there. By placing your air purifier in the most problematic area, you can improve the air quality there much faster.


How do pollutants enter your home or office?

Placing your air purifier in a place with the highest airflow – near doorways or near windows, for example - can help it take more air in and clean it faster and more effectively. Moving air tends to host bigger pollutants, too, since it has enough energy to carry mould and dust. Moving air can carry pollutants across your entire home or office, which is why it would be best to place your air purifier near entry points as a first defense against any outdoor air pollutants that could enter the vicinity and spread through it.


Where can your air purifier take in more airflow?

To avoid staining of walls, position your air purifier unit at least 30 cm away from the wall on either side and at least 10 cm away from the wall from its rear.

The best place for your air purifier is a spot from where airflow can reach all areas of the room. Place the air purifier on a stable surface, at least 100cm away from the ceiling (and 30cm from the wall for each side and 10cm from wall).

We encourage not to place air purifiers in corners. Corners have very low indoor airflow, so placing one in a corner would practically render it useless. Not only is indoor airflow low in corners, but your air purifier will also be blocked by walls in two directions. If you want your air purifier to clear the air effectively and function at its best, don't keep it hidden. Place it out in the open where it has easy access to air and where it can function at its best.

To avoid interference from the power circuit to the TV screen or static noise to be emitted from nearby stereos, radio sets, cordless phones and radio-controlled clocks, keep the air purifier at least 2 metres away from these appliances.

If you don’t have an air purifier yet, make sure to check out Daikin E-Proshop today. We have a wide range of models in different sizes to suit your needs best. Best of all, our air purifiers come with a Electrostatic HEPA filter and a patented streamer discharge technology to ensure that your home or office stays germ-free.

If you’re looking for an effective air purifier in Singapore, Daikin is the best place to shop for one!

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