Refrigerant Recovery – What is it and How Does It Work?

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02 Jun 2022 updated | Topic Products

Refrigerant recovery can help save the environment. Here's how Daikin does its part.

What is Refrigerant Recovery?

To put it as simply as possible, refrigerant recovery refers to the transfer of a system’s refrigerant into a refillable refrigerant cylinder during repairs or replacement of the air-conditioning system. By looking into refrigerant recovery, you can prevent refrigerants from leaking and releasing into the atmosphere. This avoids the release of ozone-depleting and greenhouse gases into the environment and eliminates the production of new refrigerants altogether.

As a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative effort, Daikin plays an important part in refrigerant recovery. Since we aim to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, we have partnered with different organisations to start green initiatives that are aligned with our efforts. In terms of refrigerants, we have already achieved an environmentally-conscious lifecycle for used ones – from refrigerant recovery to reclamation and recycling.

Daikin basically recycles used refrigerants that have already met the end of their lifecycle. Through an intensive filtration process that can get rid of impurities in used refrigerants, we are able to make them more sustainable and completely reusable. We are also able to restore their purity level to meet the AHRI 700 international standards level that is equivalent to new refrigerants.

How it is done

To do this, Daikin recovers refrigerants from end-users that we deal with during servicing and maintenance. They are also collected from our contractors and installers, which will be properly stored and handled at our eco-corner. They will then be sent for reclamation as part of our green efforts. 

During the reclamation process, the refrigerants will be treated, so that they work just like new refrigerants. They are then sold as reclaimed refrigerants which are carbon-friendly noting that there is no new refrigerant being produced during reclamation process. Thereafter the reclaimed refrigerants can be reused on any working air-conditioners.

Now, whenever reclaimed refrigerants come to your mind, you can be sure that they are being returned to the same standard as virgin material. This gives peace of mind to the end user and contractor.

Daikin Singapore is phasing in the use of reclaimed refrigerants to help our advocacy of promotion eco-friendly and zero waste. As part of our Sustainable Green initiatives, we proudly promote refrigerant recovery, reuse, and reclaiming. If you want to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, as well, then you might want to consider a reclaimed refrigerant from Daikin.


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