Mitigation of Global Warming with Energy-efficient Air Conditioners

We recognize that air conditioners consume a fair amount of electricity, and the use of refrigerants contributes to ozone depletion. To reduce our carbon footprint, we take conscious efforts to ensure our products’ end-to-end is aligned with our green efforts.

We alleviate the harmful effects of air conditioners by promoting products with 5-ticks highest energy efficiency rating and adopt eco-friendlier refrigerants such as R-32, R-1233zd, and R-1234ze with lower global warming potential. To advocate zero waste and eliminate the production of new refrigerants, we recover, reclaim and recycle refrigerants. We also utilise non-brazed connection with DGT and Mechfit to minimize refrigerant/water leakage into the environment.


Digital Transformation to Optimise Energy Efficiency

IoT and analytics can substantially improve energy efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs and improving sustainability. Embedding sensors or other IoT devices into various applications allows the collection of data in real-time and provides a feedback loop to better control systems and measure efficiency. We have synergized our expertise to develop a wide array of smart solutions to monitor, optimize and reduce carbon footprint while providing a high level of comfort and convenience.

Eco-friendly Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Green Buildings 

In line with the nation’s vision of environmental sustainability, Daikin offers a one-stop solution to achieve healthy, clean air through 100% chemical-free services. High-pressure steam is used in Steam Cleaning and high-pressure air is used in Duct Cleaning, which are more environmental-friendly than conventional chemical services. We provide a full range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions catered to your commercial and industrial needs, supporting your Green Building initiatives. Our Green Air Solutions are in full compliance with ISO 14001 and have been proven to reduce or eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, and viruses.

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